Open Innovation Partners provide crucial leadership support services to novel new technology ventures that help our clients succeed through delivery of tangible results focused on commercialisation
  • Partnerships

    Open Innovation Partners has access to networks in practically all sectors both in Ireland and overseas to help manage, support, fund, commercialise and promote ventures. We are focused on high potential growth projects that have identified a disruptive technology, process or service.
  • Commercialisation Activities

    Obtaining the appropriate advice on all aspects of the project is becoming more important to ensure early stage funding and give the venture the runway required to achieve key milestones for success. Read More
  • Projects

    Our approach is hands on working with inventors and stakeholders to make it happen – We will assist in forming a project plan to guide the venture to success and allow you to benefit from our intellectual capital to compliment the team. All aspects of the project will be investigated and key tasks developed covering all aspects of the project. Read More